The rich patrimony of the Military Museum contains also a special section dedicated to the aeronautics, The Aviation and Aeronautics Equipment Exhibition. A special building, arranged according to the modern museum display standards, it houses airplanes and helicopters, aeronautical engines, propellers, scale models of the Romanian used aircraft and other various elements related to flying equipment. Through these items, this exhibition illustrates the most important moments in the evolution of the Romanian aeronautics. The collection contains 1/1 scale models of the first flying machines conceived by the Romanian inventors: Traian Vuia, the inventor of the first monoplane, who flew at 12 m (40 feet) in France (1906), Henri Coandă, the inventor of the jet plane presented at Paris International Air Show (1910) and Aurel Vlaicu, who was the first Romanian military pilot, using his aircraft in the 1910 grand manoeuvres. The collection displays also rare pieces like the Fleet F 10 G, training and school plane, and the Italian NARDI FN 305 plane, both built under licence by IAR Brasov. A unique piece of this collection is the space capsule recovered from the Soviet Soyuz 40 space rocket and the suit of the Romanian astronaut participant to that mission (1981).