Operating authorization No 26 of 25.01.2007

Registered at the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs under No 483/03.02.2005

During the first decades of the National Military Museum there were constituted workshops for crocision, boots, carpenter, modeling and reinforcement, the first two restoration functions appeared in 1959 and the restoration department was set up in 1967 and transformed into a restoration Laboratory in 1975. The first canning functions were established in 1975 and operated in the museums until 1991, when the Conservation Laboratory was established with a military laboratory head, 13 restorers and 4 civilian conservatives.

At present, the Conservation-Restoration Laboratory is a specialized structure operating under the provisions of Act 182/2000 on the Protection of Mobile Cultural Heritage and H.G. nr. 1546/2003, for the approval Of The Rules for the conservation and restoration of classified mobile cultural objects.

It is organized on two structures — conservation and restoration, and has an operating license released by the Ministry Of Culture and Religious Affairs.