The collection of Diplomas is one of the most important that the museum holds. These Diplomas have arrived within the patrimony ever since its first years, so that, by nowadays the collection comprises upwards of 3500 items. Age, preservation state and diversity are evident quality characteristics of the collection. We find deeds, charters, royal and princely decrees, rank and decorations diplomas and so on. The collection holds documents of famous military personalities such as: marshals Alexandru Averscu and Constantin Prezan, generals H.Herkt, E. Brosteanu, D. Salmen, I.V. Nasturel, C. Teodorini, Gr. Cantilli, I. Zadik, Gh. Mihail, D. Praporgescu, to name but a few. The scientific interest of the collection is drawn also from the autographs of the important state personalities (sovereigns, statesmen, politicians, scholars, commanders of the Romanian Army) such as Kings Carol the 1st, Ferdinand the 1st, Mihai the 1st, politicians like Grigore Gafencu, Ion Bratianu, Nicolae Iorga, and army generals Constantin Herjeu, Eremia Grigorescu, Nicolae Condeescu, Radu Rosetti, Nicolae Sova.