It is one of the richest in the museum. It holds items from donations from members of the royal family of Romania, statesman and politicians, military personalities of the 19th century or relatives of theirs. The collection also comprises an important number of photographs made in the First World War by the Photograph Service of the Army and donated to the museum after the war. Some photographs reflect the different techniques specific to the epoch when they were taken and have been made by famous photographers of the 18th century, beginning of the 20th century: Carol Pop of Szathmary – the first war photographer, Franz Duschek, Wollenteit, Berta Engel, L. Letzer, M.A. Baer, Franz Mandy, Nestor and Ion Heck, Nadar, A.J. Siegl.  The photography captures important events and personalities that can complete scientifically the three-dimensional items of the Museum’s patrimony. Chronologically, the collection spans over 150 years, with items from the second half of the 19th century to items from nowadays. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, king Carol I, queen Elisabeth, king Ferdinand the 1st, queen Mary, king Carol the 2nd, queen mother Helen, Ion and Ionel Bratianu, generals Alexandru Cernat, Carol Davila, Eremia Grigorescu, Alexandru Averescu, Constantin Prezan, Ion Antonescu are just a few of the personalities that appear in the photographs made by famous workshops of the time. Then, there are also the photographs of the independence war of 1877-1878, the Balkan War of 1913, the First and Second World Wars, the Revolution of 1989 and those that reflect the evolution of the military equipment of the Romanian army, instants of domestic or every day life or visits to Romania of famous personalities such as the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austrian- Hungarian Empire of 1986 or that of tsar Nicolai the 2nd of Russian Empire in 1914. The collection continues to grow by new donations that reflect the participation of the Romanian army in the UN and NATO missions and keep the memory of contemporary heroes who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.