A distinctive place within the several collections of the National Military Museum is held by the Navy Collection which is comprised of testimonies of the maritime and river fighting ships and the men who identified themselves with their destiny. Although it has a relatively small number of items compared to other collections, 142, their variety, age, importance and last but not least their beauty gives the collection a distinctive outlook.

The greatest part of the items of this collection is currently placed within the depositories, but the largest part can be found within the open-air park. Some of the pieces are not only useful and in running condition, but also very interesting. We can mention here the port lanterns made in Glasgow in the 19th century, or the one made in 18th century Paris, later to be used on the “Elisabeta” Cruiser, as well as the stern lantern made in 19th century Paris or the mast lantern from the same century in Hamburg. As beautiful as these are the theodolite made in Vienna by Neuhőfer & Sohn at the beginning of the 20th century and the French sextant made in Paris by Lorieux-Murliman which belonged to Rear-Admiral Nicolae Negulescu. The depth gauge on display is the only piece still existing from the first military submarine, the “Dolphin”.