The Optics Collection is relatively reduced, 429 items, being created in 1957. The sources for this collection were acquisitions but mainly donations from important military figures or military units that modernised their equipment. The collection withholds diverse equipment such as: artillery aiming mechanisms, canon scopes, bombing visors, goniometers, surveying stations, telemeters, military periscopes, night vision apparatuses, theodolites, air photography cameras, filming cameras, binoculars, several types of compasses etc. Many of these pieces were produced by prestigious firms in Germany, France, Great Britain or U.S.A.

Part of the items in this collection is represented by optical equipment used in the Great War but most of it is formed from items used in the Second World War. As well as in other collections, personalised items can be found, belonging to various renowned military leaders: General Constantin Sănătescu’s binoculars, General Nicolae Dăscălescu’s binoculars, General Nicolae Teclu’s Bezard compass or the French type binoculars used by Genreal David Praporgescu made in 1889.